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INCH Theory shares the same roof with Liv’In Style and Homiee. Mainly providing all in one service from transforming space and upgrading everyone’s lifestyle and lastly to property management for youth whom came far from their hometown to Klang Valley.

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Our Story

The design of INCH Theory’s logo derives from the calligraphy word of ‘INCH’ where our company philosophy emphasizes "Every Inch Matters". INCH Theory appreciates the value of every INCH in the space, transforming our client's property into its most excellent.

We believe every INCH has a story behind it, be it in the past, current and future. We understand each INCH forms part of numerous relationships we have had, having, and shall have with the people that matter most to us. Our artfully designed and built spaces carry symbols of our client's past, captures the present and rekindles memorable times of the moment that brings meaning to the future.

Our desire as perfectionists towards homes is limitless. Those design and materials choices we made for our client elevating every INCH of the space to perfectly resonate with their senses feeling rewarding. It is a passion we will never give in.

Our iconic business designs and workmanship build spaces of fulfilment, promising a delightful ambient fit for every business needs. We are consciously aware that clients rely on our design and workmanship as an edge to undertake greater and better positions in the market. We believe that it is the quality and fit for purpose-designed spaces that shall propel our client to the next level.

We pledge our dedication to always overly invest in our designs and craftsmanship so that our client will outstand its competitor by every INCH possible.

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